Custom Home Plans

Our Standard Custom Home Plan package is a builder’s set of house plans. A builder’s set of house plans allows you to work with your builder to fill in the specifics of your finished home.

What drawings are included ?

Dimensioned and noted Site Plan, indicating the location of the building, sidewalks, drives, fences, etc.  We don’t design pools, but we’ll drop in on our site if you provide the design from your pool contractor.

Plan to include door and window sizes, floor finishes, location of standard amenities (appliances, millwork, plumbing fixtures), ceiling treatments.  
Four overall exterior elevations to include exterior finish location (siding, stone, trim, etc.), plate (wall) height, and other necessary notes.
Roof plan indicating slope, overhang, and any special features. *This is not a roof framing plan. You can get a framing plan from your lumberyard or an engineer
Plan indicating the location of electrical outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures.
Plan indicating overall slab dimensions and location of plumbing rough-in locations. **This is not an engineered foundation plan or pipe sizing plan.

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Custom Home Builder’s Sets -

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